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How to celebrate the holidays when your husband has no job

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

The holiday season is a very painful time for families who are coping with unemployment.  You are bombarded with media messages asking you to spend money on food, decorations, gifts, and travel.  Your well-meaning sister-in-law may plan an expensive group gift for your parents, forgetting that it could be impossible for you to chip in $100 like all your other siblings.  Your small children don’t understand why you are so cranky and worried.


You need a holiday remedy fast!

One of the best ways to enjoy the holiday season is to focus on the spiritual meaning of each holiday.  Then, review your family traditions and select those items that you can afford to do this year and add in a few new things that don’t cost any money.

Considering caroling at a retirement home, participating in community or church services, walking tours of neighborhoods with great Christmas lights, and movie nights with cocoa, popcorn,and old holiday films.

Ask your children to help you make home crafted gifts for as many people as possible.  Consider baking mixes, cookie trays, or even coupon books filled with promises to do chores for elderly relatives.

Your local library will have all sorts of holiday cookbooks and crafting books, sure to inspire family projects.

Have an honest discussion with your family memebers. Share that things are tight for you and request a reduction in the amount of money spent on gifts this year.  In this economy, many will agree.

Suggest a new tradition like a $5 gag gift for everyone over 18, an ornament exchange, or a family service project instead of a gift exchange with your cousins.

You can still enjoy the holidays if you focus on creating happy memories and the real reason for each celebration.  It’s never been about the gifts and bling.  This year, you can focus on what matters instead of getting the hottest toys or gadgets.

Who knows?

It could be your best holiday season yet!

Do you have a great tip on how to save money this holiday season?

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